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Level 2 Alcohol Personal License From Nationwide Training Centre

The APLH is mandatory for the people selling alcohol. It will make people responsible who are selling alcohol and will minimize alcohol abuse.

The APLH Course is mainly designed for the people who are involved in supply or sale of Alcohol. It give protection to both seller as well as customers. This course will make aware everyone with his responsibilities.

The APLH personal license course is a legal requirement for people involved in the sale of alcohol.

Sale of Alcohol without permit or license can result in heavy fine as well 6 months imprisonment. 


Candidates must be 18+ and shouldn’t have any major criminal record


Course Content

The APLH is divided into following units

  • Licensing authorities
  • Personal and ground license
  • Times to operate
  • Allowed activities
  • Unauthorized activities
  • Police powers
  • Legal and social responsibilities of the personal license holder
  • Illegal drugs
  • The effects of alcohol
  • Child Protection

Course Duration

1 Day

Assessment and Certification

1 MCQs Paper ( Multiple Choice Paper )

This qualification is approved through the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF)

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