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Level 2 Security Guard Training Course from Nationwide Training Centre.

If you want work in private security industry and to get license, Security Guard Training is compulsory for you. After this you can work in a wide variety of roles  including static guarding, manned guarding and key holding.

Difference between Security Guarding and Door Supervision

It should be kept in mind that security guards cannot work as door supervisors however door supervisors can work as security guard.

1st 3 units of both are same but door supervisor learn as additional skill (Physical Intervention) .

we are recommend door supervisor course over security guard course.

*Candidate must be 18+ and should not any criminal record.

Candidate must attend whole training course* 


Course Content

Unit 1: Work With Private Security Industry

  • Know characteristics of PSI ( Private Security Industry )
  • Understand the intercession.
  • Understand the importance of safe working practices.
  • Understand Procedures in work place.
  • Understand emergencies and importance of emergency procedures.
  • Communication Skils

Unit 2: Working as a Security Officer within the Private Security Industry

  • Understand the role of a security officer within the private security industry.
  • Understand the law.
  • Understand the importance and reasons for patrolling.
  • Understand access and egress control.
  • Understand searching. 
  • Understand the purpose and functions of  electronic and physical protection systems.
  • Understand reporting and record keeping.

Unit 3: Conflict Management within the PSI

  • Understand the principles of conflict management.
  • Understand how to handle conflict situations.
  • Communication skills to de-escalate conflict.
  • Develop and use problem solving strategies for resolving conflict.

Course Duration

3 Days

Career Prospect

Nearly all organization , homes, institutions, schools, universities, colleges, night clubs, cafes selling alcohol requires security staff and they always contact SIA certified agency. It means their are a lot of opportunities in this field.

Assessment and Certification

3 Multiple Choice Questions Papers ( MCQs )

This qualification is approved through the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF).

Course Locations

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